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Legal address rent

Legal address rent is a solution for those who do not need a physical office presence for their company. Rent Your legal address, if You have no address where to register Your company, e.g., the owner does not want You to register Your company at his property address. We offer legal address for low prices!

Regular receipt of correspondence

Regardless of Your company’s business or Your location, You will always receive correspondence sent to Your company. This will help You avoid delayed answers and fines imposed by the state authorities, e.g. State Revenue Service.

Virtual office/secretary

What is a Virtual Office? A Virtual Office is a complete office solution for those who do not need a physical office presence for their company. It includes access to a street mailing address and telephone. The street mailing address can also be used as your company’s legal address, if necessary.

Nominee director services

Nominee services of directors & shareholders have been used in corporate structures for decades. There are certain reasons why beneficial owners choose to enter into an agreement with nominee directors or “shadow directors”:


Although there certainly are legal documents pointing to actual ownership and control of the company (declaration of trust, power of attorney), nominee officers are featured on official records of the company, allowing the beneficiaries to remain invisible to the public eye. As an added buffer, there are professional full service nominee officers such as licensed attorneys and trustees, who manage the complete company structure on behalf of the client, including the bank account.


In some jurisdictions, corporate requirements foresee only resident directors as acceptable for registration purposes as well as for tax compliance. Hence, local nominee directors are chosen to represent the company.


In the EU, a local, resident director is often one of the factors that proves a company\’s tax resident status. Therefore, it is often suggested to incorporate such a director within the company structure.


For most offshore jurisdictions, nominee services are a natural part of the package deal. We strive to offer nominee officers with an excellent reputation and professional background.

Take over companies with debts

Take over and close companies with different debts, including tax debts, debts for partners, bank debts, credit/loan debts and so on. Registration in few days time to help you get rid of unwanted company.

All document preparation and submit in Company register (state institution).


A private fund - is an instrument for protecting and planning family wealth, which is common in civil law countries (including in most European countries).


The concept of a private foundation (Foundation) is distinctly different from an investment fund (Fund) and, in fact, the Foundation can be correctly called an organization or institution.

Unlike trusts, a private foundation is a legal entity that can own assets on its own behalf, concluding contracts etc. Despite the fact that the private fund is a legal entity, it has no shareholders and capital. It can be said that it belongs to itself and has the right to dispose of its funds in accordance with the statutes and the internal procedure.

The founder of the fund and third parties make a donation or sale of assets to the fund, the protector controls the board of the fund that manages the assets and pays dividends to the beneficiaries.

Trust and fund assets are usually not taxed at the place of registration. It provides an excellent opportunity to accumulate and use capital without tax.


Investment fund provides an effective centralized asset management. It is an investment with a high level of responsibility.


An investment fund is a form of collective investment activity in which a certain number of investors invest in a variety of financial instruments - bonds, cash funds, stocks, deposits, etc. The investment fund can attract funds from outside investors with certain restrictions. Taking in accordance this fact, in most jurisdictions the activity of investment funds is regulated by a state institution, for example, by the Commission of Markets and Securities. This allows investors to be confident in their rights to invested funds and to have up-to-date information on the real value of investments. Creating and maintaining an investment fund requires a lot of time and money. Note that the cost of creating an investment fund is much higher than the cost of creating a non-resident company.

An investment fund allows you to create sub-funds that have their own investment strategy, their own rules of control and decision-making. This separation is useful when using an investment fund to invest in different classes of assets: investment in securities requires quick response and is usually made by the investment manager independently, while investments in private enterprises or real estate can be managed by family members at the level of each transaction.


TRUST - is a sought-after planning tool for financial family wealth that forms an effective, reliable structure that is protected from the risks of the founder and beneficiaries (for example, lenders. Claims, divorce proceedings, etc

Trusts have a long history and are widespread in countries with Anglo-Saxon law.

A trust is an agreement between a trust founder (usually the head of a wealthy family) and a licensed trust manager. On the basis of such an agreement, the assets cease to be assets of the founder and are transferred to the legal ownership of the trust. The manager, in turn, is obliged to manage the assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries specified in the trust agreement.

Thus, the trust allows you to separate the ownership of assets from the head of the family and at the same time not distribute them to the beneficiaries, thereby preserving the integrity of the assets and fulfilling the wishes of the founder to use the assets in the trust.

Control over the actions of the manager is carried out by the regulator and protector. The protector is specified in the trust agreement and has the right to cancel the manager and veto certain and other most significant actions.

Commerical company

Success of the business depends on how successfully is created the delivery or trading model.

Most often, our clients use Latvian companies in their international activities.

An important advantage of international trade through a Latvian company is complete freedom to run business in the territory of the European Union. All Latvian companies have the right to apply for VAT and ЕОRI numbers required for international trade.

In Latvia, there is no enterprise tax, there is no turnover tax and there is no tax on retained earnings that can be invested further by raising the company's capital. Trade transactions within the EU are not subject to VAT.

To register a Latvian company, you do not need to come to Latvia, all the necessary steps to register a company and an account can be performed remotely. Our lawyers will register your company and open a bank account, prepare or check agreements with your partners, wich will be required to register a representative office or parent company in Latvia to reduce the taxes to your company in other country, provide virtual office (phone with secretary) take over the administration of the representative office or the parent company in Latvia, provide accounting services and communication with government institutions.

A popular solution in international trade are agency companies. The idea of this model is that the company agent for a fee runs business in the interests of another company. The agent concludes transactions with sellers, buyers and carriers, and he transfers profits from transactions minus his commission to the principal in tax-free jurisdictions. The main advantage of agents registered in the EU is the VAT payer status.

Transaction support

We offer services related to the preparation of standard transaction contracts and support. Our lawyers have extensive experience in contract drafting for the purchase of equipment, equipment sale, services, and trading operations. In addition, they will provide you with qualified assistance in dealing with various legal issues and providing the necessary services, such as the purchase or sale of companies, legal advice, etc.

Real estate transactions

The purchase of real estate and movable property is usually associated with a complex and specific process in each jurisdiction. Therefore, the purchase or sale of real estate or movable property without legal help may result in an unpleasant consequences, including serious losses.

Our lawyers will provide you with the assistance you need for both the acquisition of real estate and the purchase of movable property in Latvia, as well as in the selection of appropriate real estate if you you want to get a residence permit

An essential part of our work is related to tax planning, analysis and proper structuring of ownership.

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