Over the last 20 years Ireland has become a leader in the global IT market and now it is outpacing others in the EU in the field of attracting foreign investments. This is due to the excellent reputation and business-friendly legislation.

Popular Irish company applications

IRISH PARTNERSHIPS - the structure of the partnership enables payment of taxes not in Ireland but at the place of registration of partners. The excellent reputation of Ireland, the possibility to reduce the corporate tax rate to 0% and register the VAT number make the Irish limited partnerships an exceptionally attractive instrument for international trading.

  • Tax minimizing structures available.
  • Ireland is not blacklisted and is a respectable jurisdiction which averts a huge amount of queries from tax authorities
  • Irish limited partnership (ILP) must consist of at least one general partner and one limited partner (package offered by us includes services by two offshore corporate partners)
  • The general partner bears an unlimited responsibility for the management of the partnership, and the limited partner bears responsibility only to the extent of its capital investment and all revenue foregone
  • Both natural and legal persons from any country can become a partner
  • The amount of the company capital is unlimited
  • Legal address in Ireland is necessary for registration


    The agency company is one of the most popular mechanisms in optimisation of tax burden. Only that part of income, 5% as a rule, received as an agency fee is taxed. Besides, office expenses are deducted.

    The Irish agency company cannot benefit from contracts on avoidance of double taxation.

    The basic advantages:

  • Contracts on purchase of goods or services are concluded directly by the offshore principal
  • The whole business is run on behalf of an Irish company
  • The annual balance will show only the amount of the agent’s commission, not the turnover of the offshore principal company.

  • How to register a company in Ireland?

    1. Choose a structure, what is appropriate for your business. Need help? Contact us.
    2. To find out more, please contact us.