Cyprus has been a tax heaven of the Mediterranean Sea region for many years. Although the situation has changed after joining the European Union, Cyprus is still one of the most popular EU countries for trade as well as for holdings. Cyprus keeps position of the leader of tax planning in the EU mainly due to the British legislation, business-friendly tax system, and a bunch of agreements on avoidance of double taxation. The main advantage of companies in Cyprus is multi-functionality. Whether you are trading, willing to establish a holding or managing the intellectual property, we will organize a structure that suits you best.


If you are about to structure and organize your business, a holding company in Cyprus is the best solution for you:

  • Dividends received from subsidiaries are not taxed
  • The dividends are exempt from taxation, if the company is duly structured (for both private and corporate shareholders)
  • There is no capital gains tax (tax does not apply on the income from increase of your company’s value).

  • Cyprus company taxation

    Cyprus remains the most attractive country for registration of trade companies in the EU. One of the lowest income taxes in the EU (12.5%), no restrictions for payments to offshore countries, possibility to use the agent schemes for reduction of the income tax up to 1.5%-2% and possibility to register for VAT number - all the aforementioned makes Cyprus one of the best countries for establishing trade companies. Cyprus is particularly attractive for import and export operations with partners from the EU countries as it is possible to apply a VAT zero rate.

    How to register a company in Cyprus?

    1. Choose a structure, what is appropriate for your business. Need help? Contact us.
    2. To find out more, please contact us.