We perform not only company registration, licensing and certification process, but also company reorganization and all other services related to the company maintenance.

Below is information on our most popular applications of European registered companies, aptly named Onshore European Companies (tax resident) and Offshore European Companies (non-resident) for easier comparison. Note that both types of European structures offer tax optimization schemes, each with their own approach.


Tax Resident Company

  1. In onshore higher tax countries, tax rates can be minimized with advance tax rulings (The Netherlands) or using sophisticated tax minimizing structures such as in Austria.
  2. Other countries have a fixed, low corporate tax, allowing a simpler approach to structuring businesses (Cyprus, Latvia).
  3. VAT numbers are available to all tax resident companies, although easier to acquire and maintain in countries such as Cyprus, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland.
  4. Double-Tax Treaties can be applied with a tax resident company to reduce or eliminate withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalty payments.
  5. Substance requirements are proving to be essential in tax planning situations and in order to approve tax residency.
  6. Most Popular Applications: General Trading with VAT; Holding Company with dividend income; Holding assets and real estate; Franchise company.


Non-Resident Company

  1. 0% tax achieved through territorial tax regimes (for example, Gibraltar) or non-resident limited partnerships in UK, Scotland, Denmark).
  2. 3-5% effective tax rate can be achieved by using Agency structures (for example, UK, Cyprus or Ireland).
  3. VAT Registration for non-resident companies is complicated. If a VAT number is required, we suggest purchasing a Shelf Company with VAT, for example in Ireland.
  4. Financial statement requirements are simplified (Irish & UK agency companies) or not required at all (for example, Scottish Limited Partnership).
  5. Company administration is easier and less expensive, especially for companies that do not require VAT reporting.
  6. Most Popular Applications: General Trading if VAT not required; Trading as an Agency Company; Holding assets and real estate; Holding company.

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